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Obscure Conundrum


Thorny as on rose stem,
prickling my mind,

Morning breaths perplexed
Blemished night thoughts

Vigor in dire need
Thee seem in dire straits

It’s not a phase
It’s not a phase

Voices beware

Deep are these conundrums
Deeper the obscure

Hiatus your happiness
Interim thee rejoice

Fear is the ‘Lock’
Courage thy ‘Key’
Clarity thy ‘answer’

purpose thee seek
Truth thee seek


Deep are these conundrums
Deeper the obscure


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A Zillion Wants

The feeling of Zillion wants rises again …the wish for more is endless


Blooms of desires wreck everyday,

Scattered energies leaves it obscure

The best comes in attire,

Lost inside the acquire

Radial hands are moving fast,

Dreams are stuck inside the cask

A zillion ‘wants’ is a Pandora’s Box,

Yet you spread the wish of more. 








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The minds of naive are transparent
public catching them are apparent

Lost are they in the jungle gym
fail to recognize the inner brim

Crowded are the manipulates,
easily can they stipulate

Hazed are the judgments
of gullible
heads are twirled by the
shrewder (s)

The trap is done
mock was a fun

You realize it later
Now clear with the traitor

Each time, appears the treachery
You become aware of the false
sensory .

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Hannah-Deb Titbits

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A sense of failure in achievement , is my new start
The end is slowly drifting apart
The long wait bid goodbye to me
With a new wait approaching me
Hardships are part of life
Each feels there’s is a rife
A sense of failure in achievement , is my new start
Fading smile is slowly returning
I got to start the churning
self-assurance commences
slowly reckon the expenses
resolutions are meant to be broken
remember the amount of token
A sense of failure in achievement , is my new start
Prove yourself worthy
forget self-empathy
Now is the time to maketh the man
Yes u can , you can
A sense of failure in achievement, is my new start
sense of failure
failure in achievement
my new start
new start
(just) ..start

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Shadowy Silence

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Wild Part


Longing lingers around the year
face carries an invisible smear
Always breathed a simple life
Never complained of the only choice,
As some are blessed with no voice
A part of shyness blocked
A part of limit stopped
A part of me undetermined
Life unknowingly crawls

A murmur inside calls
Go live a life ,
forget the screams
The wild part steams
The wild part yearns
The wild part wishes
The part forever covets



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Red Herrings


Silent shouts suddenly bumps

two-minute happiness thumps

Thought came a new day

but again heard some delay

The wait is impulsively irresistible

left feeling nothing achievable

Eyes are wet in disguise

Voice mumbling the reprise

All the red herrings applied

I again chair the reside


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ONE-LINERS !!!!!!!!


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A Song


A song got stuck to my head ,

chill through the veins felt inside my body ,

hearing myself hum the lyrics

Tune whispering in my ears

I found solace in music

Such is the power of few voice

longing a deep caprice

I fell in love with my moody melancholy .

A song got stuck to my head

heart sensed an unbound thread


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Versions Of Life


Life is a bummer
Toasted in the name of rummer
At times in moribund ,
mourning of conundrum ,
seem humdrum

Life is a game ,
It is never ever the same
Each time you want to earn a score ,
end up losing life few more
greed of power arouses the splurge
The life-points are purged

Life is a brouhaha
attacking back as piranha
ticking by a torpedo
dressed in a tuxedo

Life is a gospel
We cause a dispel
inside creates repel
unsealed by a scalpel

Everything written up
is a crap ..It is
Nothing but a four
letter word….(LIFE)
Root, a three letter word…(BIO)
Two-letter word ….(BE)
Never reduce to
one letter- word ..(I)
Raise the toast for Carpe Diem!!!



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Selfish Me

Selfish Me

You nurture dependency , yet yearn constant independency

You fear losing the close ones , yet want to break -free your path tons

You debate the modern views , yet can’t neglect the conservative views

You believe in the spiritual path yet want to have materialistic math

You want to get everything , but are left with nothing 

The feeling is unbeatable , emotions unstable

Your worries seem endless , you hide the suppress

The selfish me is intertwined , leaving I undermined



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Clear Conscience


Struggling through the years

Watching yourself live in constant fears ,

Emerging from the unwanted moat

Felt the gloat coming from the throat


A new chapter begun,

It is never-ending, you

can’t rid the shun

remnants of struggle backfired ,

battling the desires


Just one thing you aimed ,

Clear conscience to reclaim

Never wanting to be the part

of world game

How I wish the ‘overcame’










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Everyone Deserves An Award !!!!!!!!!!….


Thank you Mrs Deepa and Juned. I realised today that both lovely blogger have chosen me for the similar awards Actually this is the last award I would be accepting . Because it leaves me in great dilemma to choose among bloggers…each day I might come through a new blog….Each one is just trying to express rather than share their views,opinions and thoughts. But writing ABC was fun…So I am sharing this one last blog post related to Award….I could have rejected this…But when someone has taken the courtesy to go through the pains to nominate one , I don’t know how to deny it. So I hope bloggers around the world understand me . I am truly sorry if I have missed anyone. So the nominations for all the bloggers around the world

Please visit everyone’s blogs . Till date i have come across these beautiful bloggers and many more to come 

So Screw with the rules of nominations …(no offense)…But each one who I follow is nominated and henceforth everyone just feel great about themselves to have initiated the blog. Thank You!!!!!!

As it was fun writing ABC rules  : write a word about myself for each of the English alphabets. So here it goes 

A- Ambivert,Addictive,Arrogant
B-Bloggers, Benedict Cumberbatch
C- Curious ,Castle….(The TV show truly rocks)
D-Dexter,Deepa (my mom’s name and also the name of the person who nominated me
E-Erratic , Entrepreneur…(well I hope to become one day)
F-Fanatic , Friends , F.R.I.E.N.D.S
G-Game Of Thrones,Graphology
J-Justice….I mean..can’t bear injustice happening around the world
K-Kate Beckett ,
L-Lasagne , Lifehouse..(one of my favourite bands)
M-Mischevious, Milkshake
N-Naughty , Newspaper…(I want it everymorning…like old people)
P-Pasta ,Pooh!!! ( I have collections of pooh)
Q-quotes…I love it man!!!!!
R-Roller-Coaster….(Life is one hell like that)
S- Sherlock , sarcastic ,straightforward , Starbucks , Short-tempered…(S is really endless for me)
T-talkative ,Tea(I cant live without it)

Actually I was feeling very hungry while typing this ,so many food related stuff which I like has occurred (lol). 
All Nominations


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A Zillion Wants

Blooms of desires wreck everyday,

Scattered energies leaves it obscure

The best comes in attire,

Lost inside the acquire

Radial hands are moving fast,

Dreams are stuck inside the cask

A zillion ‘wants’ is a Pandora’s Box,

Yet you spread the wish of more. 








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Heart Sinking


I named this post as heart sinking because  this is how I felt while passing by my car . I wish I had a bike to get a speedy errand feel . For me my connection to nature especially during rains are so intense, that my clicking never stops. For me to capture the moment is important rather than how the photo(graphy) has turned out . As at the end sometimes , you just want that feel to still linger in your minds . The feel you experience when have a mouth-watering food in front of you. That’s how I feel for nature. These pics by far has turned out to be best for me . The combination of a bit sunlight,too much mist and green covered mountains , I bet it looks the best in India …God’s Creation indeed!!!!

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Nature’s Silence III

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From The Past Few Days…..

Senses of the plunges begun,

deposits of remorse trying to shun

Sometimes it works , at times stagnates

pulling all away like a magnet

The sun is new each morning,

efforts at best to leave the hauling

A walk out of the blue bumps,

I leave my fear outside the temple

irregular rains bring me a smile

howl of the winds slows my mile

Each steps brings closer to the dome

whilst I wish to never end my roam


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Letting Go

Art of letting go is tough to learn

My mind got to turn stern

The endless wait has arrived

With a new wait to survive

Recurring thoughts of past mistakes rebound

Heart pounds with the fear of flesh wound

Turning into a new leaf is a long journey

I need to keep myself burning,

As I sit alone in my room

Waiting for my thoughts to resume

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Being an avid watcher and a reader ….(as every blogger is I guess)…I became a hoarder in my life . Lately I realized that I could have shared my collection with the world . My collection started with books,  magazines , newspaper cut-outs to sitcoms being latest . Now my conundrum is, few quotes from each chunk has filled my desktop. So here I present my rigmarole . Hope someone can make sense out of it .

When life altering moment occurs,people remember …..(Castle) 

If you keep people pushing will end up alone…(Castle)

Sometimes the littlest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can’t because things have changed so much…(Grey’s Anatomy)

How did you get so smart ??-  Claire  ” I always assumed baby adoption or baby switch”- Haley ….(Modern Family)

History is that certainty produced at the point  where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation. (Book- Julian Barnes- The sense of ending)

“I am married already three time already.  May be you are looking for the  right man? ….They always look rite at the start….(My Week With Marilyn)

And I had learned the hard way that sometimes even with the purest intentions we make things worst when we do our best to make things better…(Shantaram) 

News tells you what people did . Gossip tells you how much you enjoyed it …(Shantaram)

Optimism is the first cousin of love , and its exactly like love in three ways:its pushy , it has no real sense of humor and it turns up when least expected…..(Shantaram)

A reasonable man adapts himself to the world and unreasonable man adapts world to all progress depends on the unreasonable man….(Article)

We must both have been hungry because we constantly led the conversation round to food.
“What is your favorite dish, granddad?”
“All of them, my son. It’s a great sin to say this is good and that is bad.”
“Why? Can’t we make a choice?”
“No, of course we can’t.”
“Why not?”
Because there are people who are hungry.” I was silent, ashamed. My heart had never been able to reach that height of nobility and compassion……………(Zorba the Greek)