I took long time to start with ‘The BLOG’ thing . Nevertheless ‘BETTER LATE THAN NEVER’ . There are loads of people around the globe who have started it way back. Being fanatic is like an inborn talent for me . But there is always one thing u love in a crazy way which forces you to write . My interests always varied from photography  to watching television .Writing never happened to me until I was unable to succumb my depression . I remember writing lame articles back in college days to avoid emotional conversations .

When you enter an engineering college to obtain  a degree in computers , the one thing which your parents would  give wherein you feel on top of the world is  ‘PERSONAL LAPTOP’ . I remember planning to have an organized study plan – would download technical ebooks , explore the world of coding blah blah blah blah!!! GUESS WHAT ?? You end up watching movies and sitcoms .You see yourself running with your pen drive in the lobby to gather latest collections . As for me engg+coding  sucked !!!!!!

So here I was the one with latest collection and people running for me . Initially my sitcom world was restricted to ‘FRIENDS’. And then one day my friend asked ,”Have you watched ‘HIMYM’ and I m like ‘aaaaahmm NEVER HEARD OF IT’ . And here begins my sitcom journey .

I watched till season 3 and I m like “why didn’t u tell me before something like this ever existed ??? “. It was so freaking cool , I was in awe with the show . I couldn’t stop thinking who the hell ted married  to ?? By the time it reached season 5 , ‘dude just don’t drag the show ‘ . I stopped watching it ,nevertheless I catch the glimpse of it sometimes .

The point in telling the whole crap was i became addicted to the SITCOM WORLD. I wanted to suck this obsession . The best way to deal with it was by writing it . Some characters have just touched my hearts

So here i start the blog with some of the strong inspiring characters of sitcoms  which have made me a couch potato . so the blog name ‘TVHOOKEDFIGURES’

Then came the biggest fanaticism of my life ‘CASTLE’. That show was freaking killing out of me .

I was so much in awe with the show that the last thing left for me to do was stalk Stana Katic and Nathan Fallion . My top list in order are Sherlock, Greys Anatomy, Castle

As time supports me i would like to explore some of the characters which have inspired me