KALINDA SHARMA – The Investigator

My last blog ended with my next would be blog on ‘dialogues and scenes’ . I would like to refrain from it . Lately getting hooked to The Good Wife , I should have realized Kalinda Sharma is too soon joining the list . So here I offer a settlement to the readers by exploring her character .To portray an all round character, Archie Panjabi couldn’t have asked for less . It’s a dream come true role for any actor . Everything about Kalinda is different .Edit

A Savvy private investigator with a unique dress etiquette , always on her toes with her instinctive skills . Her conventional style of carrying notes , tracking down suspects in stiletto boots and leather jackets ,she gets all her queries answered in an unethical yet flirtatious way . For me she is the most interesting character of the show. she does most of the heavy lifting’s and yet is paid a fourth of the jury consultants(initially) . Her incessant energy of handling people around , out-of-the-way approach to get the things done is incredible. In spite having wage issues she always got her back for the firm. Be it Diane with her newly found boyfriend , Will on his judicial bribery case or Alicia in helping find her daughter.At times when facing conflict of opinions with her co-workers , she strides through it . She has always been notoriously famous for using people ; taking bisexuality turns topping her list. Meticulously catching the case especially wherein she spots the difference in two photos or the one she got subpoenaed for Peter Florrick’s trial , she left Glenn Childs almost gobsmacked .


Of all the complicated relations she had , her friendship connection with Alicia stands out . The transition in her conversation from:

Alicia: Are you gay? Kalinda : I am private to Kalinda : I am not gay, I am flexible.

shows how much respect she has for Alicia and how seriously she takes the friendship. It was always Kalinda who pushed Alicia in realizing her strength and not missing out any opportunity. After all the rigmarole  Alicia went through ,how devastating it could have been to find her husband slept with her best friend(Kalinda).  But Kalinda proved her friendship  while backing out to help Eli Gold with Peter Florrick’s campaign .Lana is an on-off fling, she never gets serious for Cary . Kalinda-Donna was the only chemistry connection…too bad she opted out of the show .vlcsnap-2013-03-26-01h14m59s215

The aggravated mystery lies in she being married to a douche bag like Nick . A lot of enigma lies around Kalinda-Nick story. The look she gives at her abused hands leaves many questions unanswered . The track of husband-wife left viewers thwarted  . The ‘Nick’ chapter is over for now or will it surface upon in the upcoming episodes is for the viewers to wait and watch .