A Time To Kill

In the midst of all the breaking news about Boston blast or Bangalore  blast , another rape of 5-year-old girl got a bit sidetracked.  As having got hooked myself with law related shows and  Sherlock classics ,it was time for my brain to take rest by watching something light-hearted movies.  Hugh Grant didn’t let me sleep  for two days after watching Notting Hill and Two Weeks Notice. Gosh !!!Who wouldn’t want a man like that??? But my mind soon wandered to the genre list of my mystery thriller movies .

I happened to come across a movie ‘A Time To Kill’  with good imdb rates , Inspired by John Grisham (first)novel so thought of watching it. It was half past 10 when I started watching the movie. The start of movie reminded me of all the rape victims being highlighted in the media  and also those which aren’t.


 a-time-to-kill-46674-16x9-large   The movie started with two white crooks (Billy Ray Cobb) and (Peter Williard) are having an errand with beer in their hand . They busted a shop owned by black community . Soon fleeting off in the car they happened to come across a young girl of 10(Tonya) carrying groceries. They hit her with beer can and raped her in one of the tormented ways which the world or rather Delhi has been witnessing everyday . She survived the wounds but how can a father’s wound be possibly healed. An inexperienced but reputed lawyer (Jake Briggance) heard about the incident and his heart melted out. Jake and girls father(Carl Lee Hailey) were acquaintance. He indirectly confronted him of planning to do something insane. When the two accused got bail hearing sanctioned  Carl entered the courthouse and shot both of them dead. Jake  just imagined the victim could have been his own daughter and the took case in his hands. The father chose not to plea guilty.

Elena Roark-as a liberal law student ready to help the lawyer for free was an interesting character. She helped in major twists and turns of the case. Jake had to go through many difficulties during the trial. A group of masked white men formed a group against the case and created disrupt and chaos in the city. His colleagues were threatened , his house was set on fire , and Elena’s clothes were ripped apart . He still didn’t  quit. It was time to convince the jurors . But had given the hope of him getting life out of prison. He tried to convince Carl to accept a second degree murder. The father just told if you lose the case you are just one of them. He said –


If you was on the jury what would it take to convince you to set me free ? . Now that’s what it is going to take to set me free. That’s how you will save my ass .That’s how you will save us both


 Jake narrated the little girls rape incident in slow story format , exploring all the details to the jurors, them closing their eyes and just added a last effective sentence  after the speech :“Imagine she being white “..Alas!!!!  , It’s a movie he was declared innocent and set free.

It would be so fascinating to imagine all real life cases getting convicted in a 3 hour screen roll. But reel is NEVER real :tons of case being pending , endless debates on capital punishment , with case soon been forgotten on arrival of fresh lawsuits. The old offends are gone but not healed during the time.

I think the time had come in 96′ or much before when such movies had released to shout it out loud –“A Time to Kill‘. But they are either bailed out or stored as one of the government pending files.

 During the climax of the movie-The crowd(in the movie)  and the audience watching(us)  both are waiting for the man to set free despite what he has done . Let the cases of India be otherwise  where the crowd cheers for an unwelcoming door for all the convicted with them having already hanged .

The video is a short version of few great shots of the movie. Enjoy it while reading!!!!!