Grey’s Anatomy S09E22


After watching this episode ,The first thing i was eager to watch was The Next Promo. The emotional confusions in everyone’s relations can change the whole picture of next season .  It is getting more worse , complicated and fun at the same time to wait for :what will be next???? .  The episode started off usual with new patients arriving for emergency .  The entry of new character Dr Lauren least expected.  Alex avoiding Joe , Cristina confronting herself with changes in Owen ,  Arizona trying to control her emotions with the new doctor  , April as usual confused between Matthew and Jackson and the whole hospital running to cheer up Bailey . Derek getting worried what if his son turns out ‘to be a monster’ was the sweetest worry of all . The S09E23 shows Meredith falling off the stairs . Will any character die in the finale ? Will Alex and Joe finally become a couple ? Will Arizona cheat on Callie in the next season ? Will April and Jackson revisit their romance ? Will Cristina and Owen break-up ? All thee questions are too much to take . I just hope the viewers are not disappointed this time with how they ended (Sloan and Lexie) story . Well I guess that’s for the viewers to wait and watch .


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