Morgan’s Are Back!!!!!


The much awaited season of the year is finally premiered . ‘A Beautiful Day’ episode’s name was hitherto ,a homicide by Dexter , sadly again witnessed by Deb .With La Guerta dead, Dexter breathed an easy life for six months as a dutiful father to Harrison . And back with the bang was he, holding parietal-occipital part of a woman in a crime scene. In half the episode Deb is high , as undercover handling matters in her own way ….voila she left the force to join a law firm . And Dexter unable to control his obsessed worry(ing) for Deb , ruins her cover . Dr Evelyn Vogel, a neuropsychiatric , fresh character is introduced. Woooo…Dexter is in trouble!!!!!…..Why???…She has studied the great brains of psychopaths . With strange revelation of her connection to Dexter . Now I know how much the viewers get angry for revealing the spoilers. So I am not extending their ‘connection’. So Watch out for Dexter S08E01 who haven’t watched yet. The only complain from my side to the writers is – Dialogues of Deb . They are f****** predictable ….I hope the viewers understood . Common !!! I need not have Dex’s mind to hack her password …*chuckles .


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