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Everyone Deserves An Award !!!!!!!!!!….


Thank you Mrs Deepa and Juned. I realised today that both lovely blogger have chosen me for the similar awards Actually this is the last award I would be accepting . Because it leaves me in great dilemma to choose among bloggers…each day I might come through a new blog….Each one is just trying to express rather than share their views,opinions and thoughts. But writing ABC was fun…So I am sharing this one last blog post related to Award….I could have rejected this…But when someone has taken the courtesy to go through the pains to nominate one , I don’t know how to deny it. So I hope bloggers around the world understand me . I am truly sorry if I have missed anyone. So the nominations for all the bloggers around the world

Please visit everyone’s blogs . Till date i have come across these beautiful bloggers and many more to come 

So Screw with the rules of nominations …(no offense)…But each one who I follow is nominated and henceforth everyone just feel great about themselves to have initiated the blog. Thank You!!!!!!

As it was fun writing ABC rules  : write a word about myself for each of the English alphabets. So here it goes 

A- Ambivert,Addictive,Arrogant
B-Bloggers, Benedict Cumberbatch
C- Curious ,Castle….(The TV show truly rocks)
D-Dexter,Deepa (my mom’s name and also the name of the person who nominated me
E-Erratic , Entrepreneur…(well I hope to become one day)
F-Fanatic , Friends , F.R.I.E.N.D.S
G-Game Of Thrones,Graphology
J-Justice….I mean..can’t bear injustice happening around the world
K-Kate Beckett ,
L-Lasagne , Lifehouse..(one of my favourite bands)
M-Mischevious, Milkshake
N-Naughty , Newspaper…(I want it everymorning…like old people)
P-Pasta ,Pooh!!! ( I have collections of pooh)
Q-quotes…I love it man!!!!!
R-Roller-Coaster….(Life is one hell like that)
S- Sherlock , sarcastic ,straightforward , Starbucks , Short-tempered…(S is really endless for me)
T-talkative ,Tea(I cant live without it)

Actually I was feeling very hungry while typing this ,so many food related stuff which I like has occurred (lol). 
All Nominations



By tvhookedfigures

I read a lot , watch a lot and ponder a lot . For the things I ponder , I express through writing . So better late than never I finally started to blog . So all bloggers keep expressing our(your) views and ideas .

One of the beautiful quotes which I came across and is close to my heart . I would like to share it on this page

Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road– Only wakes upon the sea

- Antonio Machado

13 replies on “Everyone Deserves An Award !!!!!!!!!!….”

Ah Vinita congrats for your awards and thank you for having considered me worthy of it and nominating me … means a lot … awards are just a way of showing their love by our co-bloggers and hence each and every one of them are special. Thank you yet again for your sweet appreciation of what i ramble now & then…


I totally accept your saying : that its just a way of showing their love . But this would be the last place where I wanna feel award (competent)….Sorry no offense….

None taken vinita…. everyone thinks differently n that s the beauty of perceptions …. if all were to think, feel or act in the same manner we wouldnt have the richness of different worlds…. of thoughts …..

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