Selfish Me

Selfish Me

You nurture dependency , yet yearn constant independency

You fear losing the close ones , yet want to break -free your path tons

You debate the modern views , yet can’t neglect the conservative views

You believe in the spiritual path yet want to have materialistic math

You want to get everything , but are left with nothing 

The feeling is unbeatable , emotions unstable

Your worries seem endless , you hide the suppress

The selfish me is intertwined , leaving I undermined




7 comments on “Selfish Me

  1. Great blog! I am wondering if you are an engineer? Most of the Indian men who write poetry are. . . . .. I guess their mamas made them take engineering to get a good job! But there hearts are those of poets!

    • You guessed it right madame :)…..I am an engineer …although a bad one ;)…..sadly its a common Indian family mentality to urge their kids to take up engineer or doctors….btw definitely a female 🙂

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