A Song


A song got stuck to my head ,

chill through the veins felt inside my body ,

hearing myself hum the lyrics

Tune whispering in my ears

I found solace in music

Such is the power of few voice

longing a deep caprice

I fell in love with my moody melancholy .

A song got stuck to my head

heart sensed an unbound thread



Nature’s Silence III

Numbness Gone Wrong


The cry of the baby is described to innocence,
that of a man sounds as a weakness

Insecurities to unveil is always a hard part,
To succeed in same would definitely be
a new art .

Despondence has become a lone friend
of mine
To turn him into foe , mite give me a new
lifeline .

Heart has grown cruel , I can’t feel any pain
Neither in sickness nor in happiness

Numbness gone wrong
I don’t know where I belong .




World’s Most Powerful Women

When in need of motivation, I back on inspirational quotes , inspirational people or an article read in the newspaper . The image of Forbes list of Most Powerful Women caught an eye and as it is said Rest is History…..NO!!!!!!!!!!! Its not, it just got converted to a blog post (lol) .

I took few random quotes (quoted) by them,from the net and presented here . Hope someone else might get motivated.2

Grey’s Anatomy S09E23


That was hell lot to take in one episode than expected. When Owen said ” A massive storm is coming “, guess he failed to mention it was an (emotional )Storm . It seemed like Shonda Rhimes had pressed a fast forward button.  It started with Alex consoling Joe after her fight with Jason. Then making us feel that Alex is about to kill Jason. Guess what, he has already landed up in hospital , brain bleeding…(Joe failed to mention that she had more than equally bruised him). The newbie craniofacial specialist ,Dr Lauren and Arizona behaving like school teens ,googling each other and finally ending up in bed after a successful operation . Jackson comparing Sloan with Lauren (I think writers were trying to tell viewers-‘Hey meet the female Sloan entering Calzona’s life’) . An unexpected proposal from Matthew to April reminded me of ‘Glee’ dancers , not to mention it was cute ones for crazy Kepner, leaving Jackson stormed . One happy moment!!!! , Grey’s baby is safe until next episode .  Owen in a two minds whether to be sad or happy for Ethan, who finally united with his father. Richard proved himself ,no one can handle Bailey better than me …poor Ross he had his surgery ultimately. Alex and Joe story was a little disappointment , as they yet didn’t express their feelings .  Next Episode is named as ‘A Perfect Storm’ …Spoilers are already out with speculations of whose life is about to end . Will Calzona survive their stormy relation ? What about Sofia? Will Owen and Cristina stop avoiding the baby talk ? Do you think Joe would go to jail ? What will happen to Meredith’s baby ? ….The storm is still not over . Well viewers wait for the next Thursday forecast.




To the Indians this is a character which is quite famous to you . To the NON-Indians this is ‘Raju Rastogi’ a famous hindi movie character from a blockbuster movie 3 idiots . The image attached to this blog is the scene where he is giving interview for an engineering job. He is in wheelchair because he tried to commit suicide ,rusticated by the principal due to indecency. Still he managed somehow to turn out for the interview .

The whole point in telling this was : During the interview when asked about his accident , he bluntly recited his suicidal fling and expressed his fears facing the interview . The panel got impressed by his honesty and straight way handed over his appointment letter. Reel and Real are different aspects. Before facing an interview starting from questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself’ to ‘where do you see yourself down the 5 year’ , the questions have to be answered in a very cautious and precise manner . A set of rules are followed to avoid a pitfall. But the fact is it should actually go in a flow how depicted in the movie. Really how much does the rules actually help us?

The more you try to be someone else , more complicated and unsure you feel about yourself. Many books are also written on body language . And the way human psychology is explained through it is spectacular . But sometimes sitting with your legs cross can plainly imply ,you comfortable sitting with the position . The formal attire is given a huge hue and cry. Definitely it throws a professional image and makes you feel entering a corporate world, On the contrary eminent people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have flaunted themselves in their cool blue jeans .

If you be yourself (as a whole ) during the interview , the process could go more smoothly and scope for improvements might increase .

Guess the situation is quite hypocritical where some rules ought to be followed . As I got to face interviews in the forthcoming events , I would try my best to apply the mixture of the ethics and my ideologies . And ya for the bloggers who haven’t watched the movie , don’t waste time , endless popcorn wouldn’t suffice for it. Enjoy the fun !!!!