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It all comes down to education !!!!! . I was in dire state whether to write about this debate or not . May be because  it is too opinionated or may be it might sound controversial  to the readers . Or as they say you need to handle such issues delicately. But controversies never arise if the things are delicate . The reason behind my love for news debates are they explore you to a real audience and the atrocities they had to face through their life(more social ones)…And there are many young lively audience who are willing to raise their voice in the name of justice.

The debate was in short about the right age of consent to get married , considering Child Marriage as a social issue in India. As the age are biased (18 yrs for girls and 21 for boys  )…why the disparity..?? .What about today’s generation where they don’t mind pre-marital sex??? How is the society taking this?  Is it against the law…How much of personal laws should be taken into account? ..why sex education is so important for today’s generation? Again as we have various religions , according to each act(Hindu , Muslim , Christian)…the opinions differ.

UN reported as 47% girls are married under 18 in India . With the ’18’ number becoming a hot topic . ’25’ number also arose (eligibility to drink) and Javed Akhtar pointing out ’18’ as a number for right to vote and right to marriage but ’25’ as a number to contest elections ?…Why So ??

 As I am more interested in live audience Barkha Dutt comes up with : This one was one of the few which highlights the scenario :

The woman was forced to marry at the age of 14 . She was tortured  for bearing a girl child. She took the decision to leave the husband at a certain stage. Raised her children solely through great difficulties. Now the interesting part comes…she aspired to become a civil servant but was denied to sit for the exams for being the child bride….Supreme court  till date upholds her case.

The best line told by one of the panel members after they heard the story was : This is not a rare case but having the courage to come out of it is a rare case.

Sometimes I think what is it I am trying to prove by writing such article. What is that I want that the audience to know. Is it that injustice continues to prevail in the country?  Is it that I am trying to raise my voice through writing or what? The why’s still continues to linger.

In the whole opinionated debate where few panels looked like(Hear me !!!Hear me!!!)…It was the public who came up with an appropriate conclusion . That such laws should be left in the hand of  the victimized . As at the end ‘We the People’ can only come up with the issues , politicians will continue to rant their ideologies , lawyers would be stuck with the verdict and Government’s ruffle ultimately stalls the progress. ….And yes It all comes down to education . 


Another Inspiring Article

The Two-Minute Solution to Coping With Disasters 

For someone who has spent most of his childhood in Uttarakhand and trekked through remote villages in the magnificent mountains of the Himalayas,I feel not just pain but also a sense of violation seeing the man-instigated natural disaster unfold in front of my eyes.

The region is on tethers,nature is wounded and thousands of army personnel are still battling the odds to ensure we dont lose innocent lives for decisions and actions on which we should have spent two minutes more.

Why is the question many are asking.Deforestation,human greed,exploitation of the poor,lack of education,mindless projects in the garb of development,lack of accountability for inaction any or all of these could be the reason(s) why we have lost so many lives.But whatever the alibi,it is sure to be forgotten soon.

Going by past trends,there will be pity,sympathy and blame-games followed by short-term memory loss,and soon,we will go ahead as if nothing had happened.

India is home to some of the oldest civilisations and we are proud of our heritage and history.But I wonder whether future generations will say this about us.Or will they see a generation utterly self-involved and selfish ?

Indians future will be secure only when Indians wake up to not just their rights but also their responsibilities.We need those extra two minutes more from each one of the billion Indians,every day,to think of Indians first.These two billion minutes we have each day could solve many problems and save many lives.These minutes hold the promise of changing mindsets where development will be viewed from the lens of inclusiveness and long-term sustainability.

When you throw plastic in the river,uproot a tree to plant it in your backyard,cut a tree to build a dream home in the hills,build roads from nowhere to nowhere,build dams to feed the unending hunger for urbanisation in the hills,do take those extra two minutes and think Indians first.When you travel and enjoy the beauty of Himalayas and stop to distribute toffees and not books to children,think those extra two minutes.When you see shops that sell tobacco and gutka coming up in every remote village but no medicine shop for miles,take those extra two minutes to think of our future.When you see empty school buildings with no teachers and children doing manual labour,remember,they are screaming for your two minutes.When you vote the next time,think hard for those extra two minutes.When you see deforestation and exploitation during your travels,ask for the road to the district officials and raise your voice in those two minutes.

I m not anti-development;the key is to ensure sustainable and environmentally sensitive development like the Amazon Region Protected Areas (Arpa) programme in Brazil and other state-led initiatives that have slowed down the Amazon deforestation and biodiversity hazards considerably with the involvement of local communities.As I write this piece,millions of Brazilians are on the street because they care.The Jasmine Revolution was caused because the common man cared.Indians are fighting against corruption as never before because we care.Now we need to care about the fine ecological balance given in trust to us by the previous generations.

As a young kid,these mountains and rivers were my family members,and the flora and fauna were part of my community.As the images of the vast devastation started flashing on TV screens,I thought of how we have let down these mountains,how we have abandoned the community and turned our backs to the responsibility.Now we will spend billions in rebuilding homes and in trying to reinstate the faith of people in our country,but what about nature,who will earn her respect and who will say we understand and care

I am a relentless optimist and believe that when we Indians decide to turn a corner,we are unstoppable.Thus,there is always hope if we look at this disaster as a reminder of the two minute responsibility we owe to our nature and biodiversity,cities and villages,humans and hills.Just two minutes every day in our own way.Think about it.My two minutes start now,and yours 

The writer is vice-chairman,HCL Technologies

Debate Enthusiasts



After watching many ongoing political debates in India , I have always enjoyed watching offbeat but complex social issues bought up by shows like ‘We the People’ or  ‘Big Fight’ .

 Wedlock to Deadlock was one among such debates which I thoroughly enjoyed watching . Should 50% marital rights be given to the women during the time of Divorce ? What about the inherited property ? The debate started off lightly with several issues coming out . Barkha Dutt as usual had chosen an excellent debate panel . 

Divorce in a country like India has always been  considered a dreadful word . A social stigma !!!!

Several issues were discussed by the panel members starting from where women had helped the husband financially and was left penniless during the divorce, to the lawyers coming up with cases where a divorce couple are a part of joint family , so how the parting of the money should be considered? , Many interesting cases arose from audience panel : Where the women was beaten and thrown out of the house when pregnant (a girl child issue) , on the counter view a man being falsely accused in (attempt to  murder charges , dowry…etc ) by the wife when he decided to part ,due to incompatibility. The wife then becoming a U.S citizen and demanding alimony and not allowing the father to meet their daughter. Another audience asking why a simple communication won’t suffice and why the state is given so much power. Divorce finally been considered a tamasha in India  where they get locked up in litigation .

India being a land of villages , rural population is often neglected in such issues , to start something from scratch, leaving the husband , is difficult for rural women .The focus also shifted to equal rights and towards woman empowerment  and children to be considered a priority .  Solutions to make a women more self-reliant was discussed upon. Be it urban or rural-the livelihood and time frame of the marriage holds an important stake . If women are able to start-up on own then she should ….(it marks the beginning of self-reliance) , at the same time job opportunities should be provided to less fortunate .

Jaya Jaitley one of the panel members ended with a positive note  by telling : We should go into making strong marriages along with strong laws .

The amendments in laws are must . But a country with such diversity in all aspects , including divorce cases , which law would really equalize the matter ? That’s a big question to ponder upon .

People can share their thoughts and reviews  !!!!!!!!

A Time To Kill

In the midst of all the breaking news about Boston blast or Bangalore  blast , another rape of 5-year-old girl got a bit sidetracked.  As having got hooked myself with law related shows and  Sherlock classics ,it was time for my brain to take rest by watching something light-hearted movies.  Hugh Grant didn’t let me sleep  for two days after watching Notting Hill and Two Weeks Notice. Gosh !!!Who wouldn’t want a man like that??? But my mind soon wandered to the genre list of my mystery thriller movies .

I happened to come across a movie ‘A Time To Kill’  with good imdb rates , Inspired by John Grisham (first)novel so thought of watching it. It was half past 10 when I started watching the movie. The start of movie reminded me of all the rape victims being highlighted in the media  and also those which aren’t.


 a-time-to-kill-46674-16x9-large   The movie started with two white crooks (Billy Ray Cobb) and (Peter Williard) are having an errand with beer in their hand . They busted a shop owned by black community . Soon fleeting off in the car they happened to come across a young girl of 10(Tonya) carrying groceries. They hit her with beer can and raped her in one of the tormented ways which the world or rather Delhi has been witnessing everyday . She survived the wounds but how can a father’s wound be possibly healed. An inexperienced but reputed lawyer (Jake Briggance) heard about the incident and his heart melted out. Jake and girls father(Carl Lee Hailey) were acquaintance. He indirectly confronted him of planning to do something insane. When the two accused got bail hearing sanctioned  Carl entered the courthouse and shot both of them dead. Jake  just imagined the victim could have been his own daughter and the took case in his hands. The father chose not to plea guilty.

Elena Roark-as a liberal law student ready to help the lawyer for free was an interesting character. She helped in major twists and turns of the case. Jake had to go through many difficulties during the trial. A group of masked white men formed a group against the case and created disrupt and chaos in the city. His colleagues were threatened , his house was set on fire , and Elena’s clothes were ripped apart . He still didn’t  quit. It was time to convince the jurors . But had given the hope of him getting life out of prison. He tried to convince Carl to accept a second degree murder. The father just told if you lose the case you are just one of them. He said –


If you was on the jury what would it take to convince you to set me free ? . Now that’s what it is going to take to set me free. That’s how you will save my ass .That’s how you will save us both


 Jake narrated the little girls rape incident in slow story format , exploring all the details to the jurors, them closing their eyes and just added a last effective sentence  after the speech :“Imagine she being white “..Alas!!!!  , It’s a movie he was declared innocent and set free.

It would be so fascinating to imagine all real life cases getting convicted in a 3 hour screen roll. But reel is NEVER real :tons of case being pending , endless debates on capital punishment , with case soon been forgotten on arrival of fresh lawsuits. The old offends are gone but not healed during the time.

I think the time had come in 96′ or much before when such movies had released to shout it out loud –“A Time to Kill‘. But they are either bailed out or stored as one of the government pending files.

 During the climax of the movie-The crowd(in the movie)  and the audience watching(us)  both are waiting for the man to set free despite what he has done . Let the cases of India be otherwise  where the crowd cheers for an unwelcoming door for all the convicted with them having already hanged .

The video is a short version of few great shots of the movie. Enjoy it while reading!!!!!